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This is Digital age. The Communication revolution is a past and now we are witnessing Virtual revolution. Your Social media presence is as important as you physical identity. India’s One Third ad-spend is in Social Media platforms i.e. Facebook, You Tube and other real time Online activities. Don’t ignore Social media because your Personal & Corporate contacts as well as people & customers are keeping track on your Virtual Profile, directly or indirectly.
In the virtual world of “Like-Comment-Share” you need to be present on Social Media. The more you are aggressive the more chance of getting positive feedback. In view of this, DESIGNVISHWA, has initiated an innovative concept for a common platform for everyone. We have created more than 30 categories such as Bank Campus, Advertise Campus, Education Campus, Career Campus, Health Campus and many more. Campus4all, c4a as we call it, has launched a dedicated website to make an enterprising person into a Celebrity. The big thing about Social Media is that it has a great potential to create even a small Organization turn into a Corporate.
The difference between other media and social media is that it has no boundaries like Television & press. Campus4all is an E-magazine with a difference. You can read, write, edit, listen, speak, hear and of course Like & Share. You can access it from home through Desk top, lap top or even if you are outside travelling you can update via Cell phone. The Best part of the media is customers are always on “Receptive Mode & Mood”, whenever they are on Social media e.g. they like or comment on your status after reading or watching or listening anything. Instant response makes it Value for money kind of media.


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